A Before & After Post-Processing Comparison

When you hire a photographer, there's more to it then simply pulling out a camera and taking some photos. The real work happens after you leave location. When you hire a good photographer they will ask you about any insecurities you may not want shown in your photos. Some people want their photos all natural but others may not want their double chin showing on a photo they plan to blow up and place in their living room for all to see and that is where we come in. We use a variety of editing techniques involving masking, composite blending, HDR bracketing and plug-ins in Photoshop to help turn your good photo into an amazing memory you can be proud to share.

Some before & after samples

Editing, Retouching & Extensive Retouching Options We Offer*

Adjust Colors

Thicken Hair*

Brighten Eyes*

Thin Areas of the Body*

Soften Skin*

Whiten Teeth*

Minimize Dark Circles*

Remove Blemishes*

Lip Enhancement*

Double Chin Slimming*

Eye Color Change*

Scar Removal*

Make Nose Smaller or Larger*


Fix Lighting

Black & White Edits

* Additional package fee for these services